Travel Insurance for Seniors

Although travel insurance is not for everyone, those who do travel frequently should consider getting this form of insurance. Travel insurance for seniors who frequently make trips is a must. The question is what features the insurance should include that maximizes benefits for those who have reached their golden years. For seniors on a budget, travel insurance is for the most part inexpensive. Of course, the premiums will go up the more features that are added along with the age and risk to... Read More

Hairstyles for Women Over 60

By the time a woman reaches her sixties, her personal style has long been set. This means that you have more freedom to try different hairstyles which match your current interests. While women in their sixties have a wider range of choices, it should be limited by your interests and not the latest styles. What follows are a few excellent hairstyles for women over 60. Ash Layers One of the simplest and deceptively easiest hairstyles to maintain is the Ash Layers, sometimes called Stacked Ash... Read More

Fashion for Women Over 60 – Summer Fashion Tips

For many of us, as we’re currently in the midst of winter, summer probably feels like a lifetime away. Rest assured, though, that summer is indeed on the way and better times are coming which is why we should start preparing for summer now. We all deserve to look and feel our absolute best, and as 60 is the new 50, why shouldn’t we take pride in our appearance and get dressed up to the nines? The thing about fashion is that it is always changing, and with the summer 2021 season shaping up... Read More

Exercise for Seniors Over 60

Just because you’re getting up there in years, doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily avoid exercise! Sure, you don’t need to run 5 miles every single day, but exercise is still important to help keep you in fine shape so that your golden years are as healthy and successful as your younger ones! If you need some exercises that are designed for those aged 60+, here are some of the key ones to add to your plans for your workouts. Top exercises for seniors over 60 Water aerobics: Just... Read More

How Often Do 60 Year Olds Make Love?

Want to know the secret to a successful relationship? According to a survey, couples who frequently make love stay happy together. This is why you should do it often too. No matter whether you are old or young, you should be involved in this activity as frequently as possible. While almost all the young couples make frequently, some older couples do not do it much as they do. What they don’t realize is that making love is just as important as doing any exercise. Apart from this, it will... Read More