5 Dating Advice for Widows Over 60

Right now it may seem like an impossible task to go out on a date. You’re over 60 and a widower. Those two things don’t disqualify you from being in love. It only means that you may end up having to go out of your comfort zone. The idea of dating at first sounded like such a terrible thing. It’s starting to grow on you, and now you’re ready to make the first step. Here are five tips for widows over 60 that should help you start dating again. Don’t start dating until you’re... Read More

How to Date Safely as a Single Senior?

Dating can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. But dating also carries certain risks, especially for seniors who may be unaware of certain safety and security issues. If you are interested in getting into the dating game, make sure you follow these basic rules to help you date safely as a single senior. Always meet strangers in public places–never at your home If you plan on dating a stranger—say, someone you met online or recently met for the first time at a group or public... Read More

Senior Widowers Looking for Senior Widows

After losing your beloved spouse wife, the idea of dating again for a widower is almost unimaginable. Some widowers decide not to venture into a relationship again and stick to their vows. But others who can’t find a suitable partner to remedy their feelings. For senior widowers seeking for new love at such age, it may be difficult to hook up with a single lady, so many searches for senior widows. This is a common trend because it comes with certain understanding that can only be... Read More

How to Find Senior Singles Near Me?

Dating at any age is rarely easy, so when it comes to finding a partner when you reach your senior years, if often feels like a hopeless task. People in this age group are typically already with a partner, with those still dating usually doing so due to bereavement, divorce, or simply never finding the right person when they were younger. As aspects of dating tend to change with each generation, getting back into the swing of things is quite a daunting prospect for single seniors. Thankfully,... Read More

Where are the best places to live for singles over 60?

Are you looking for the best places to live as a single over 60? Singles over the age of 60 are probably planning to retire from work or planning to take a rest from their various business engagements. Since you are single, you should live in a place that is fun, affordable, and full of attractions. This will ensure you that you make the best out of the dollars you have gathered over your youthful age. It will also allow you to meet with fellow senior singles. Listed below is a rundown of the... Read More