Does Tinder Work for Rich People?

If you’re a rich and elite single looking to meet other singles, it might be hard to find someone on the same level as yourself. It’s no secret that most of the people on Tinder are just average people and with the usual Tinder experience you’re not going to run into many elite status singles. Those people aren’t wasting their time on Tinder, right? Although the typical experience on Tinder is not worth partaking in for the rich and elite, don’t be too quick to assume there’s no... Read More

Does Tinder Work For Seniors?

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. But the majority of users are from the younger crowd. This leads many people to wonder whether or not Tinder will work for seniors. More seniors are out there in the dating world than people think and finding the right platform for dating can be a bit of a challenge. In general, the Tinder app is meant to be a place for anyone to turn to find a relationship that suits them. You will be able to find users of any age on Tinder, especially if... Read More