Fashion for Women Over 60 – Summer Fashion Tips

For many of us, as we’re currently in the midst of winter, summer probably feels like a lifetime away. Rest assured, though, that summer is indeed on the way and better times are coming which is why we should start preparing for summer now.

We all deserve to look and feel our absolute best, and as 60 is the new 50, why shouldn’t we take pride in our appearance and get dressed up to the nines?

The thing about fashion is that it is always changing, and with the summer 2021 season shaping up to be the most vibrant and exciting yet, as a 60+ years old woman, you deserve the outfit you’ve always wanted, and we can help you get precisely that.


Here are several fashion tips for women over 60.

Go with loose tops if you’re plus size

Years ago, plus size women would struggle to find fashionable clothing as many clothing brands seemed to be biased in favour of uber-skinny women.

Thankfully things are now changing and nowadays many fashion brands and retailers are stocking plus size outfits that look absolutely incredible.

If you’re a plus size woman, opt for a light and airy loose top this summer as not only will it flatter your figure while accentuating your curves in the right area, it will also help to keep you cool in warmer weather.

Choose alternative trousers

After 2020, we’ve all realized that life is too short to be conformist and if you’ve always wanted to express yourself a be a little more daring with your outfit choices, 2021 is the year to do exactly that.

Rather than plain trousers or jeans, why not opt for daring and alternative trousers instead?

Instead of plain colours, choose trousers with vibrant and zany patterns and designs, and don’t be afraid to really go bright and colourful.

Loose fitting animal print trousers such as snakeskin print or tiger stripes go very well with black tops as well and make for the perfect evening attire as the sun is just setting and the air is turning ever so slightly cooler.

Don’t be afraid to embrace jeggings

Okay, we know that jeggings are not a new fashion trend, but in all honesty, who cares as long as they look good on you?

In terms of fashion for women over 60, jeggings are the perfect attire for the summer as they are loose and airy, and nice and light. Obviously, jeans in the summer can often be too hot, so keeping things light and airy, while still being fashionable is definitely the way to go.

Purchase a wrap dress

Finally, if you want to get glammed up, perhaps to a nice summer function or cocktails on the veranda, a wrap dress is a great way to look glamourous while also staying nice and cool in the process.

Wrap dresses have withstood the test of time as they flatter virtually any figure, and with the right accessories, or lack of, you can dress them up or down as much as you like.

Reds and light oranges work well in the summer as they remind us of sunsets, so why not opt for a red wrap dress this summer for the ultimate formal evening attire?

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