Top 5 Best Over 70 Dating Sites

“Love knows no bounds”, and is also not bound by age. If you are looking for romance and are over 70 years of age, then there are many sites out there which are dedicated to helping to bring people 70 and older together.
Love doesn’t stop at a certain age, it grows and matures just like we do. So in this article, here are listed 5 over 70 dating sites that will help you to find that special someone. Like wine that has aged over time, love to mature and as a result is so much sweeter.
Before you continue, understand that this is not a ranking system. These are just some of the most successful and most prominent websites for people who are 70 and older and are looking for romance. The numbers do not represent the superiority or the inferiority of a site.


over 70 dating siteIf you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy site then look no further then the ‘Over 70 dating site’. This website has been around for about 15 years and as a result of its longevity, the website has been able to bring a multitude of people together – who have built strong and long lasting relationships.

The website offers a wide range of features that make the whole dating process much easier for individuals to find a partner. They offer live chat streams, blogs, online forums as well as dating advice.

If you are someone who has a bit of nervousness while speaking with someone else then this may be the perfect site for you as there are many people who are willing to help break the ice and make the whole process much calmer and relaxed.

We are always at our best when we are calm. So why not give it a look? You really have nothing to lose but so much more to gain. So give it a try.


senior matchSeniorMatch is regarded by many to be one of the most successful sites out there right now. The site allows people to interact with people from not only their community or country but also allows people to meet up (in person) with people from other countries. For many, this is a major advantage as it really helps to bring a bit more adventure and thrills to their lives.
A major perk about this website is the ability to perfectly match individuals together based on specific hobbies and interest that they possess. The matchup system helps to bring people together based on their love of travel, adventure, companionship or simply their love of a relationship.
If you are looking for someone a bit younger or older this site can also arrange that as well.


matchIf you are looking for love in all the wrong places then this is the place where you may find love. is the largest online dating site. The site offers a multitude of categories to choose from. The site is very specific when it comes to helping you find the partner you desire.
If you are looking for a partner of a certain age or ethnic background then the site will be able to automatically search for that specific type of person. Aside from this, the site will also help to find individuals in your immediate area who fit the characteristic features of what a person is looking for.
If you are the type of person who knows exactly what they are looking for in a partner then this is the site for you. Those who know what they want, get what they want.


over 70 datingThe websites motto ‘Feel Special Again’ truly epitomizes the web sites whole mission. Over70dating really brings people together and helps them to remember the younger days of their lives. However, they are also able to help hem to remember how to feel happy and alive again.
Happiness does not end at a certain age. Love does not end at a certain age. Romance and new experiences do not have to end at a certain age. And the beauty of this website helps people to remember what it means to be happy and alive again.
If you have been lonely, sad, depressed and feel like you are no longer special then this is the site for you. Remember how to smile again.
This website brings people together who are looking to spark the flames of life back in their hearts, minds, and souls. So why not give this website a look? You will not regret it.


singles over 70Singlesover70 is perhaps one of the most used and highly preferable sites for individuals who are 70 years of age and looking for love. The website focuses primarily on individuals who are over 70, and unique the other sites in this article, this website is exclusive.
Meaning that this website only allows people to meet people of their own country. If you are looking for romance and someone to spend some time on this site may be right up your alley.

Final words

There is a propensity to think that once you reach a certain age that love and romance cease to exist and that seniors are forever doomed to living a life of non-adventure and simply living a very banal and mundane life.

Wake up at a certain time, go to the park and feed the birds, watch the sunset, go home and sleep and do it all over again. However, this is far from the truth. Love, romance, adventure, and having an interesting life does not have to end at a certain age.

Mature love and romance can be just as sweet and beautiful as young love and romance and does not love do that for us? Does not love make us feel like children all over again?

Love is without a doubt our most powerful emotion and a romance can truly turn back the hands of time. If you want to feel young again and want to LIVE again, then these sites can help you with that.

If you are someone who is looking for romance and want to rekindle the life and passion back in your heart then why not visit one of these sites.

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