Travel Insurance for Seniors

Although travel insurance is not for everyone, those who do travel frequently should consider getting this form of insurance. Travel insurance for seniors who frequently make trips is a must. The question is what features the insurance should include that maximizes benefits for those who have reached their golden years.
For seniors on a budget, travel insurance is for the most part inexpensive. Of course, the premiums will go up the more features that are added along with the age and risk to the senior. What follows are some good features that all seniors should consider when choosing the right travel insurance policy.



Trips can be canceled for various reasons. Unfortunately, when trips are canceled, they often leave the ticket holder on the hook. Travel insurance can cover the expenses of the canceled trip that may have been called off due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstance.

Emergency Assistance

One of the most overlooked aspects of traveling is getting the assistance you need for medical advice. For seniors in a country that mostly does not speak English, finding the right help locally may not be the answer. Emergency assistance in travel insurance means you can call toll-free to get the medical advice needed from trained professionals in case your doctor is not available.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Keep in mind that pre-existing conditions may preclude you from purchasing certain features of travel insurance unless you buy a waiver. This will add to the expense of the travel insurance but may be necessary in case you have an emergency related to your pre-existing condition. Be sure to discuss the options with the insurance company first to get the right type of waiver for your needs.

Medical Emergencies & Evacuations

Proper travel insurance for seniors can be inexpensive and quite effective in covering expenses when the unexpected occurs. For seniors who travel frequently, getting the right features for insurance is a must. Be sure that it includes coverage in case you need to be evacuated back to your home country.

Other Issues

First, Medicare does not in most cases offer coverage outside the US, so be sure to check first. You may want to pay for health coverage in that case. Of course, if your trip stays within the US, then you can rely on Medicare. Plus, you can expect that travel insurance will cost from 4% up to 10% of the price of the trip, so be prepared to pay the larger amount in case you need it.
In addition, be sure to read the fine print and ask about exceptions or exclusions to the policy. Plus, you will want to have access to the complete documentation in case you need to file a claim. You do not have to carry it with you but having an online location where it is present will help. And finally, a good online broker can help you find the travel insurance needed for your trip.
That is why you should do the research and cover the possibilities based on your travel before purchasing a policy.

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