Where are the best places to live for singles over 60?

liveAre you looking for the best places to live as a single over 60? Singles over the age of 60 are probably planning to retire from work or planning to take a rest from their various business engagements. Since you are single, you should live in a place that is fun, affordable, and full of attractions. This will ensure you that you make the best out of the dollars you have gathered over your youthful age. It will also allow you to meet with fellow senior singles.
Listed below is a rundown of the 5 best places to live for singles over 60.


Mexico is known to be one of the best places to retire for single individuals for many reasons. The climate, technology, and first-class health program make Mexico an ideal place to live for singles over 60. Also, the tax exemptions and great value for money are few of those things you stand to enjoy.


Italy is another wonderful destination for singles over 60. It allows single individuals, especially those who are just retiring to enjoy the life’s pleasures. Although Italy may seem to be on the higher spectrum, every dollar spent in Italy is usually worth it. The cuisine alone will always make you feel better whenever you have a bite. The overall experience in Italy will make you feel like you never left home.


Brazil is full of side attractions and every single over 60 will never run out of activities here. Exploring the various exciting spots in this country alone will leave you longing for more. What’s more, the beaches, tropical climate, and amazing culture will definitely make you want to stay.


France is just another chic place for singles over 60. Everything about France is exceptional. From the food to fashion to lifestyle to architecture, France is full of endless excitements. Therefore, if you are single and over 60, this is a country you should consider to live in. You will also meet your fellow single and simply have a great time all along.

5.Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a South American country that attracts single retires over 60 from every corner of the world. Apart from maximizing the worth of your dollar, you will also enjoy a sense of political stability, tropical climate, comfortable environment, affordable health-care, and low tax rates for foreign retirees.

Final Thought

Singles over 60 have a lot of options available when it comes to where to spend the rest of their life. The list above contains just a few of the numerous options available. Your choice will depend on what you want exactly in your environment.

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