How to Find Senior Singles Near Me?

senior-singlesDating at any age is rarely easy, so when it comes to finding a partner when you reach your senior years, if often feels like a hopeless task. People in this age group are typically already with a partner, with those still dating usually doing so due to bereavement, divorce, or simply never finding the right person when they were younger.

As aspects of dating tend to change with each generation, getting back into the swing of things is quite a daunting prospect for single seniors. Thankfully, there are many people in a similar situation, with lots of seniors looking to find that special someone.
Looking for fellow senior singles near you? Then check out these tips to help find senior singles!

Use a Dating Website

It’s an obvious choice but one that remains no less effective – online dating websites are a great way to find senior singles looking for a friendship, romance, and much more. Best of all, there are websites that are specially designed for senior users, meaning most of the members are of a similar age.
This makes it easier to find senior singles near you. Many single seniors are now using dating websites, so it’s possibly the best place to start. There’s no pressure with a dating site, as you can meet and chat with people before planning for a date, so it’s always worth trying out if you are looking to meet senior singles.

Attend More Social Events

Hitting bars looking for singles is likely the last thing that a senior person looking for singles wants to do, but there are many other social events worth attending where you could meet a fellow single. This could be a personal event such as a birthday party or wedding, while organized events held at local community centers, churches, and other venues are well worth trying out.
There are a surprising number of senior singles out there in the world, so make an effort to attend social events where you have a better chance of meeting them!

Join a Club

There are countless clubs for seniors, and while they may not be designed to meet singles, it’s always an opportunity to meet a like-minded single in your area. Be sure to research any senior clubs near your location and check out one or two of these – you never know who you might meet!
Book clubs, Pilates, spin class, bowling – look for something related to a hobby or interest, as there are plenty of options out there!

Pick up a new hobby

You don’t need to attend events and clubs for your current hobbies to meet a single senior – consider picking up an entirely new hobby!
Hobbies are great for socializing in general, so if you take up a new hobby there is a great chance of meeting new people, some of which could be a fellow single looking to mingle. Think outside the box and consider trying something new, as it’s a fantastic way to get out there are meet someone special.

8 thoughts on “How to Find Senior Singles Near Me?

    1. Where are you located i live in logan county wv and i would like to meet a friend to go to church with me and out to dinner and some one to talk with .i was married to a wonderful lady and she went to heaven last is lomsolm living by my self in my home so if you are interested let me know

  1. This is a completely new experience for me, not sure yet that I will be comfortable with it, but here goes:
    I would love to meet someone who is (1) sane (2) intelligent (3) if not good looking, at least not bad looking (4) kind (5) a real, honest-to-goodness man (6) has a sense of humor

    Maybe I’m asking too much, bur will try anyway. If he’s out there, I surely would like for him to find his way to my door. Sincerely, Barbara

    1. no sounds like we are looking for the same thing .let me know if you are interested.who knows it could lead to something nice .

  2. Hi Barbara, I’m Ron, a widower living alone in the Wimborne area, I’m a retired manager not having any family living near me, I’m lonely and would love company. What about you?

  3. I am an 80 yr old pretty widow. I would love to meet a nice single man. ages 75 to 85 yrs old. I am in s. florida. fondly, betty

    1. Hi Betty you sound like what i am looking for Iam in my early 89 sRetired from the US Dept of Labor living in a small town in wv let me know if you are interested ED

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