Senior Widowers Looking for Senior Widows

Tips-and-AdviceAfter losing your beloved spouse wife, the idea of dating again for a widower is almost unimaginable. Some widowers decide not to venture into a relationship again and stick to their vows. But others who can’t find a suitable partner to remedy their feelings. For senior widowers seeking for new love at such age, it may be difficult to hook up with a single lady, so many searches for senior widows. This is a common trend because it comes with certain understanding that can only be comprehended by one who has lost his/her beloved.

It is understandable that there is a natural desire to overcome loneliness. Senior widowers can definitely find love and happiness again but it is important to note that it does not about replace the spouse you had before. Here is a comprehensive advice for senior widowers looking for senior widows.

Don’t date until you are ready.

There is no timeline for grief. The way we process trauma is different from person to person. For some it takes months while it takes a few years for others. Don’t let others tell you when it is the right time. At the same time, you may not know for sure if you are ready, don’t let fear stop you from giving it a try. So going on a real date could be the only way to find out.

Be Honest

If you need to show off your worth, tell white lies and embellish, then a senior window will see through you. Generally, women are intuitive and there’s every likelihood their ex-was someone like you. The fail-safe solution here is to be sincere. Tell her the truth about your family, your interests, your career highlights and weakness. Be willing to come clean because sooner or later, she will know who you truly are

Date for the right reasons.

Instead of taking an irrational decision, a senior widower must ask himself why he seeks a fresh start. It is not wrong for a widower to date because of loneliness and the need for company. Even single people date for these reasons. However, it doesn’t date because you want to fill the void in your heart or replace your ex-wife.

Guilt is a normal feeling at the beginning

Even though you have lost your beloved spouse, a senior widower may feel like he is are cheating. It might seem embarrassing for your friends and your ex’s friend and family to know that you have made up your mind to move on. But you should know that dating is not wrong. If you are ready, then you have every right to date again. After a few dates with senior widows, the guilty conscience should start to subside. If you still feel guilty after a while, it is advisable to pause for a while.

45 thoughts on “Senior Widowers Looking for Senior Widows

      1. Jean i am a man that likes coffee lost my wife last year miss her so much need some one to talk to it is too lonsolm in big house by your self .Iam retired from the US Dept of labor

    1. i am ragu from malaysia age 71 a hindu dark in complex am widower staying all by myself since my dear wife passed away early 2021 , and since then my loneliness is killing me .
      am a mech engineer retired .doing freelance consultation work for a leaving.. children 4 leaving abroad all on their own feet .
      this particulrs of mine should be good for now till further meets

    2. My wonderful husband died three years ago. I know there is no such thing as a replacement for a particular individual, but I DO yearn for another mate. I own my own home in Perris California. I was an architectural designer in Boston. I must have dogs, which I already do. .Would you like to meet me?

  1. I am a 79 year old widow. Someone will become very wealthy if they would start a dating site for “older singles” that are just widows/widowers. I get tired of hearing about the divorced X!! It is difficult to find widowers. Maybe we have our own set of “baggage”. However, our loved one is dead and we choose to go on with life. It differs from divorce!

    1. Interesting. We senior males don’t seem to have a problem finding one another. Night before last three of us who have within the past two years lost our wives or more than 50 years to an illness sat at dinner together at a social lodge. We talked about the things men always pretend to care about and intertwined each other swapping tales. The company of an articulate female would have been appreciated even though that subject would never be mentioned.

    2. Hi Patricia, I’m Ron, a widower, a retired manager living alone in the Wimborne area. I’ve no family living near me, I ‘m lonely and would love company. What about you?


    1. Hi Dolores, I’m Ron, a widower, a retired manger living alone in the Wimborne area. I don’t have any family living near me, I’m lonely and would love company.

  2. Hi,
    When I meet a guy on line who seems interested in me then I mention the word “am widowed”, it’s like am a no-go-zone! Am plagued! Why do people prefer lies? Everyone without a partner is “Single” by default. But there’s a reason why I am single. Am widowed!
    It’s not a title to be proud of but that’s reality. I’m looking for someone – a gentleman to compliment me, for who I am: A lady, ready to date and have a go at life again at 46. Anew.

  3. I’d like to meet a nice single man in his 70’s or 80’s that loves to go dancing,no drunks or smokers,very clean,treat me like a Queen.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      I’m semi retired do enjoy dancing, never smoked, very moderate drinker as in once a week or less, good health. Like day trips or short 3or 4 days. Live in central Colorado. I like down to earth women that are weight height proportionate. Would like to talk. No phishing please.

  4. I am single, not a widow but a senior single lady. I would love to meet any widower between the ages of 50 -70.

  5. I would like to meet a gentleman for friendship
    One that is over 69 years old
    I’m catholic and my faith is very important to me

    1. Hi Cecelia, I’m Ron, a widower, a retired manager living alone in the Wimborne area. I don’t have any family living near me, I’m lonely and would love company. What about you?

    2. I a 5 year widower Looking for cOmpanionship 84 Years young. Looking for companionship aND TRAVELING COMPANION Faith very important

  6. I lost my husband of 50 years last month an dont like to be alone I am looking for a gentle man companion that loves to cook and travel and God is first in his life I am second

  7. Hello, I have been a widow for 5 yrs & have lived in N. D. for 12 yrs. & I know very few people, I would like to find a companion, to have fun with

  8. My excellent husband died 2 years ago. I am hurting for loyal and loving male companionship. I was anarchitect. I do not believe in retirement but apparently somebody invented it and so there we are

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