Cruises for Single Seniors Over 60

cruisesCruises are ideal and adored by the 60-and-over crowd. A senior’s cruise can be one that is tailored for you to meet other singles. On the other hand, some just cater for mature audiences. Overall, the shore excursions, onboard activities, dinners, shows, and customized service make them worthwhile. In fact, some ships are booked fully one or more years in advance before the departure date. If you opt for singles over 60 cruises, it will be a fresh opportunity to learn new things, visit numerous destinations, and meet other senior singles.

How Single Cruises Work

Travel agencies take the responsibility of organizing these voyages and target unmarried seniors. They obtain a block of staterooms from a cruiser and work with the ship cruise director to plan special activities for their group. Some hire single hosts and tour managers. These professionals look after the needs of the passengers in the senior singles group. In some cruises, you will find gentleman hosts. Their job is to dance with single women. Okay, it may sound non-natural at first, but this is an excellent method to dance.

Things to Look for in a Cruise

When deciding on the voyage, remember that you will spend most of your time on the ship. Thus, check if they offer numerous quality enrichment programs onboard to keep your brain active. The destination is equally of great importance. You might have traveled to numerous ports. Consequently, it is worthwhile to look at the diversity of their travel itinerary.

Most members of the 60-crowd may have mobility or health issues. So, the availability of top-notch medical care is essential. Additionally, they should cater for wheelchairs and ensure that moving around is seamless.

When booking, you have the option of occupying a whole stateroom that can fit two people or look for a roommate. Single supplement is expensive and may be boring. The fare could be 100% more than the regular costs.

Also, keep in mind that in most cruises for seniors over 60, the women are more than the men. Thus, it is vital to bring a friend along, just in case. You will also pay less than if you sailed alone.

Reasons to Take Cruises for Seniors Over 60

Leave the Details to Someone Else

Once you settle on the agency and cruise, your work is over. Someone else will handle the rest of the planning and stops along the way. The customer care on most cruises is excellent. The cabin steward and waiters will look after you and your lodgings, always serving you with a warm grin on their face.

Meeting Other Singles

It is not a guarantee to meet the perfect partner on the first voyage. However, you will become acquainted with making new friends from a pool of like-minded people who love to travel. Here you can find a roommate for your future travels.

Fun Onboard Activities

From dancing to lectures, your cruise is the opportune moment to learn. Some ships offer music lessons, painting, or cooking classes.

Overall, cruises for seniors over 60 are excellent. Thus, do not shy away from taking one.

68 thoughts on “Cruises for Single Seniors Over 60

      1. Mike….
        I too am looking for Cruising companion/buddy, but not alone…I reside 2 hrs between West Palm Beach and Orlando….

        1. Hi what is your age please i am single my wife git killed 4 years ago while riding her bike by a hit an run driver I am now ready to start my new lifw with that special lady looking forward to hearing for you thanks A

      1. Hello Larry

        I recently moved to Florida with in mind “Easy Escapes from any Port…”
        I am single lady mid 60’s…want to cruise and share it with someone of same mind…

          1. Hi Kathy My name is Al I am single my wife got killed by a hit an run driver while riding her bike 4 years ago I am now ready to start my new life with that special lady please let me hear from you thanks Al

    1. If you find out I would sure love to know. I am a widow for five years and my Daughter thinks I should travel , but a cruise is very expensive if you have a cabin to your self as you have likely found out. . I am not looking for a husband, just some nice friends. I heard that some cruises offer one or two cabins for a single person, but as of yet I haven’t got any information on which one. If you hear of something, kindly E mail me.

        1. Hi Marian my name is Al I live in the Seattle Washington area I am single my wife got killed by a hit an run driver while riding her bike I am now ready to start my new life with that special lady Please let me hear from you thanks Al

          1. Hi Maria , my name is Al I live in the Seattle Washington area I am single my wife got killed by a hit an run driver while riding her bike I am now ready to start my new life with that special lady Please let me hear from you thanks Al

      1. Hi Julie.
        The cruise line that was first to offer the studio cabin was Norwegian. There is no singles supplement, and the cabins are small. Apparently travellers in studio cabins have access to a singles lounge where they can meet others travelling alone. Other cruise companies now offer studios, but I don’t know which ones. Please contact me and we can discuss this further, and maybe exchange travel plans. I want to escape Canada’s cold winter!
        Best regards,
        Angela Conway

        1. Hello Angela,
          I know what Canadian winters are like- lived in Toronto for 21 years, used to go Florida. I live in London now, am over 60 but under 70 and fairly active widow. Looking to share an apartment with like minded perhaps in Naples, Florida where I know a Canadian friend. Or go on a cruise that offers studio cabins. Please share ideas or if you know of any groups.

      2. I would love to travel. I am married but he isn’t interested. Thus I need a roommate because as you say traveling single is expensive. I am interested in cruises that offer interesting and educational land trips and I can fly to any departure port. Contact me if you are willing to share your cabin.

  1. I am 82 but very mobile and in good health. I have very little money and would like to leave from northern California. Flights are more than I can afford.

    1. Hi Claire.
      I know there are cruises that travel along the Pacific coast, with departures from Los Angeles and San Francisco, (mostly in the Summer months, I think). Please contact me to discuss further.
      Best regards,
      Angela Conway

    1. Hi Seneca.
      I too would be interested in an extra long cruise, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I would have to book a series of separate cruises. Please contact me to discuss.
      Best regards,
      Angela Conway

  2. I am A 69 year young retired man from Seattle. I would like to go on some cruises. maybe two or three a year. but I need a room mate to cut the cost of single occupancy.

    1. Hi Joe.
      Check out studio cabins with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Small cabins with no singles supplement.
      Best regards,
      Angela Conway

    2. HI Joe. This is Joe in Houston, I am in same boat, looking for a cruise mate. email me if you are interested in seeing if we match.

    3. Joe…
      Hello, I use to reside there and LOVE SEATTLE, lived in Redondo Beach on the Sound…
      Presently in Florida, and 67, single lady 2 hours from a Port…
      I’m willing to get to know you, so we’re ready to GO….

  3. I am 64 in good buffed condition;single looking for a partner on a cruise. I live in Panama, and and can travel flexibly.What do you recommend?

  4. Living in Chicago 75 years and in good health want to travel preferably cruise
    anyone interested male or female traveling companion. Not looking for a husband
    just a friend with similar interest. This August or September 2019.

  5. I am interested in going on a single over 50/60 cruise so I can meet someone who is a Christian companion to enjoy life with

  6. Helen, June

    I am interested in a cruise over Christmas and New Year 2019 a solo cruise over 60 where I could meet some nice companions both male and female. From southamption. I do have a stick but am not totally disabled.

  7. Good article, however, it doesn’t give any cruise information or where we can go to book a cruise for 60+ single seniors.
    Can anyone provide this information

  8. I would like a cruise for seniors leaving in Dec 2019 and be gone for Christmas and/or New years. This will be my first cruise so I am a little skiddish about it. I would like to depart from a east coast port. Many thanks.

    1. I would like to be on a single senior’s cruise for the 2019 holidays, also. I live in CA so I’m closest to San Pedro port and have sailed from there before. I’ve also sailed from Miami. I do not want to share a room. I’m an old hippie — laid back and cool.

  9. I would be interested in a cruise for a week – maybe two going to Europe, specifically Netherlands, Germany and that area. If someone is interested (female) in sharing a stateroom – oceanview or balcony would love to hear from you.

  10. What is the protocol for showering , sleeping ( I assume single beds), dressing, dinning, excursions when sharing a room.

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