Dating After 60: What do Single Women Over 60 Really Want?

over60Dating over 60 can feel very different then dating when you were younger. The questions of what do women that are single over 60 want in a relationship. The answer will depend on the woman that you are asking. However, there are some general things that women that are dating over 60 want from their relationships. Here are the things that women really want from over 60 dating.

1. Respect

Respect is one of the most important factors in dating over 60. You both have had times to create our own careers, opinions, and friends. You do not need to agree with everything, but respect their ideas and options. If you want to give respect, you need to give it first.

2. Romance

Not every single over 60 wants a lot of romance in their relationship, but you should still try to add some romance into the relationship. Adding candles to watching TV, or going to a new restaurant can keep the romance alive. Women like to be treated like a girlfriend, as it keeps them guesting what you are going to do next. Instead of buying a $100 bouquet of roses, think about a smaller bouquet and spending time with her.

3. Time

Time is most important part of dating over 60. Most people have spent the last 40 years busy with children, and their careers. After this long time, slowing down and taking the time to enjoy other people’s company is on most people’s minds. Women love to be treated like they are your top priority, so make the time to spend with her. Even if that means, sitting around the house and watching TV.

4. Communication

The fact is that most women are vocal creature. She may know that you want to be with her, but you still need to say it. Women are natural insure and beat themselves up about the smallest things. This does not stop over the age of 60, as the media is reminding them that they are not allowed to look their age. Telling her that she is beautiful can go a world of wonders for her. Even small comments can help her feel better about herself, and you could be surprised about the improvements to the relationship.

5. Humor and Humility

Humor and humility are important to have, and there needs to be a balance. You can crack jokes to keep her entertained, but know how to laugh at yourself. Taking yourself too seriously will bring everyone down.

Over 60 dating is not a different as most people believe that it is. Most women want the same things from their relationship as you do.

9 thoughts on “Dating After 60: What do Single Women Over 60 Really Want?

  1. I am finding it so difficult to date in my 60s. I still work full time, most men, or seems the ones I meet, are retired. They want someone who can travel, someone they can see and talk to every day. I just want do that. I work 4 – 9 hour days, and have a very stressful job where I have to deal with people all day. When I come home, I need some quiet time. Since I get up at 5:30, it’s necessary for me to go to bed pretty early. I recently tried dating a very nice guy in the 55+ community I live in, whom I was interested in, but it was like he couldn’t wait til I got home and wanted my attention. I realize what a compliment that is, but I come home exhausted, everyone who works where I do says the same thing. Some nice texting or short phone conversation would be great, or bring me dinner, stay a bit, then leave, would be great too. But then he also wants to go out every night of the weekend. I can’t do that either. I have laundry to do, a place to clean, some family activities… on Sunday, am I just asking for too much? I think there should be balance. Of course I would love to meet the man of my dreams, but don’t we need to take it a bit slow at first, get to know each other, have some fun? I think this is more because he sits home all day every day, except for golf, so he has nothing else to do. I can’t help that I’m not in a position to retire and won’t be for several years yet. HELP!

    1. with your…I think understanding matters the most in your relationship. This is peculiar to non regular communication. I believe if you both want your relationship to be fruitful, you can always talk things out to the benefit of yourselves. Generally, there are usually ups and down , misunderstandings, argument in a relationship but what makes you matured is the way you choose to handle it.

    2. I will like to meet you. I am Puertorican, 65 y/o, and good listening. I like to talk and interchange ideas and fluids. I live in Puerto Rico and when ever you want I will be glad to receive you and show you the island.
      Looking to talk with you,


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  3. Normally on the first date I ask a woman if she would sleep with me if she was really mad, mad at me reason I ask this question is very simple understand difference between a man and a woman you have to understand that a man having a woman sexually close it’s just telling him that everything is still okay, sometimes they just run away and that’s fine, we just don’t agree and in some situations that 1 could be a real problem to begin with and that’s why I like to explain how a man feels close to a woman and a woman feels close to a man and and just 1 be honest be 1

  4. RE: “# 1 Respect” You write, “if you want to give respect, you have to give respect.” I believe you meant, “if you want to GET respect, you have to give respect.”

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