The Dos and Don’ts on a First Date For Singles Over 60 Years

singlesover60datingIf life begins at 40, then it means you are good to date at 60 if you want to. However, unlike how it was dating in your teens or early 20s, dating at 60 requires a different approach, and there are a lot of dos and don’ts that you should adhere to if you want to be successful. Dating at 60 does not necessarily means that it should lead to something concrete; people over 60 dating may also want an easy going relationship without any known end to it. However, one thing for sure is that dating at 60 means that you will be much more experienced in both dating and life but this shouldn’t prevent you from having a little fun.

The Don’ts

Don’t Bring Your Baggage to the Table

Talking about your bad experiences in past relationships in the first date is unacceptable. No one wants to start discussing their baggage over the years the first time they are meeting you. If you do this, then your chances of getting a second date will be very slim which is why you should avoid it at all costs.

Avoid Very Sexual Conversations

In your teen years, it was a little bit okay to talk a bit about sex, though not on the first date and this time it is no different. If you bring up very directly sexual topics into the conversation, you may seem like that is the only thing you are interested in and even if you are headed towards a casual- relationship, this is not a suitable topic on the first date.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

It is the first date which means that you can express your expectations about the future but do not make it the only topic in your conversation. This may scare away your date hence stick to topics that encourage you to get to know each other better.

The Dos

Do Dress Formally but Decently

It is less than likely that you will be going to the movies for your first date which is why you should dress formally for a dinner date. You may make it sexy yet subtle enough.

Do Mature Flirting

It is not wrong for singles over 60 to flirt on a first date, if anything it may work in your favor. However, you need to make sure that you do it in a mature way for example compliment her on her dress or her smile and for her keep your body language flirty but not too much, giggle or even subtly touch him.

Do Be Open but Not Too Much

Lying on the first date could have serious consequences if the relationship moves forward. This, however, does not mean that you tell him or her everything, be open when answering questions but do not give unnecessary details.

Just like when you were younger, your first date will determine if you will have more. This is why it is important to stay real and on your best behavior with the above tips on dating over 60.

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