Exercise for Seniors Over 60

Just because you’re getting up there in years, doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily avoid exercise! Sure, you don’t need to run 5 miles every single day, but exercise is still important to help keep you in fine shape so that your golden years are as healthy and successful as your younger ones! If you need some exercises that are designed for those aged 60+, here are some of the key ones to add to your plans for your workouts.

Top exercises for seniors over 60

  • Water aerobics: Just because your body can’t handle the gym or 10 laps in a pool anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy water aerobics! You’ll use weights and do all sorts of kicks, but all from the safety of the pool to help maximize the workout but keep your joints happy and safe.
  • Resistance band workouts: Resistance bands are wonderful for helping target certain muscle groups without having to change the exercises too much. Whether you’re looking to do bicep curls or leg presses, resistance bands help!
  • Walking: Yes, walking is actually exercise! Try to aim for anywhere from 8, 000-10, 000 steps a day and resist the urge or jog or run! Sure, walking for that many steps takes time, but the slower and easier you do it, the better your chances will be at getting the best health benefit without any wear and tear to your body.
  • Chair Yoga: If you love yoga but just can’t look at the idea of getting on a yoga mat any longer, then try chair yoga! All of your favorite stretches are here, including cat-cow, seated twist, and even mountain poses. It’s all adapted to be from a chair, though, so that you’re going to be able to get the same physical and mental benefits without the frustration of having to get up off the mat at the end.
  • Assisted muscle strengthening: There are a few examples of this that you can think about. The first is wall push-ups. These are push ups that rely on an upwards position to help maximize the workout but minimize the strain and potential harm (plus you don’t have to try to get up from the floor!). Another example is ab contractions. Either lying down in bed or stand up, contract your ab muscles as tightly as you can for 3 seconds, and then release. This is an especially fun one to do just about anywhere at any time!

These ideas can work alongside your current workout plans, or you can transition to these to help keep on top of your health without overdoing it. Just because you are starting to feel your age doesn’t mean you have to give up the exercise that helps keep you healthy and happy — not to mention, active. You just need to rethink exercise and work with your body in a way that is going to help keep you safe and fit and still give you the enjoyment that you get out of it! Plus, all of these work well with your favorite workout buddy or a personal trainer if you want!

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