How Often Do 60 Year Olds Make Love?

Want to know the secret to a successful relationship? According to a survey, couples who frequently make love stay happy together. This is why you should do it often too. No matter whether you are old or young, you should be involved in this activity as frequently as possible. While almost all the young couples make frequently, some older couples do not do it much as they do. What they don’t realize is that making love is just as important as doing any exercise. Apart from this, it will also keep the spark in their relationship. This is why older couples should do it often as well.


Do 60-Year-Olds Make Love Often?

If you think that a satisfying love life after the 60s is impossible, then you need to think again. It is only a myth that should not dishearten your spirits. The truth is, many 60-year-old couples still indulge in a healthy love-making life even when they are old.

Want to know the secret behind their healthy and active love life? This has been made possible due to healthcare and improved nutrition. Thanks to the improved quality of life, the quality of the love-life of older couples is also improving. This is why a lot of older couples are actively involved in love-making these days.

The number of older couples involved in love-making these days is much higher than before thanks to the improved standard of life. Apart from this, according to a survey, the majority of older people make love at least twice or thrice a month. The survey also concluded that older women are less likely interested in love-making than older men.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Love At Sixty?

An active love-making life at an older age can provide you with many benefits as well. Want to know what these benefits are? Keep reading then.

  • Improves Physical Health

Making love at an older age can no doubt improve your physical health and help you stay healthy. It burns fat which as a result improves your physical health. This is why you should do it often.

  • Improves Mental Health

Did you know that making love can improve your mental health as well? Yes, you read that right. This activity can reduce anxiety by releasing endorphins. So, if you are stressed about something, make love and reduce your stress!

  • Increases Lifespan

Want to add more years to your life? When you are mentally and physically healthy and fit, your lifespan will increase as well. This is why if you want to add more years to your life, you should do this often.

  • Solidifies Relationships

A lot of couples drift apart when they age. So, if you are also one of those couples who have drifted apart, you can come closer again by getting involved in this activity. It also helps you escape from the harsh realities of life.

So, if you have hit your 60s and think that making love is no longer your cup of tea, then think again. Instead of withdrawing back, you need to do it often as it can provide you with many benefits.

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