Singles Holidays Over 60

holidayAs a single person aged over 60, we recognize it can be difficult to come up with a way to spend your holidays well. To help you with your decision on how to best use your time, we’ve put together this list of possibilities for your next holiday!

1. Relax on a cruise for singles over 60

Spend some quality time on a cruise that’s designed for singles over 60. This would be a fantastic way to get the relaxation you deserve, while also giving you the opportunity to meet like minded singles in a positive environment. Pick your favorite area of the world and offer yourself the treat you deserve; we know you won’t be disappointed with a cruise that lets you sit back and mingle with the passengers!

2. Go on a hobby holiday

Indulging in your passion is one of the best things a person can do for the soul. A lot of tour companies out there offer hobby inspired holidays that let you travel to exotic parts of the world and participate in the local hobbies hands on. The great thing about this is it helps you meet likeminded people and maybe even singles who are also on the same journey.

3. Find a local travel group for singles over 60

If you’d like to leave home and travel with a group on your holiday, then make an effort to find a travel group that’s made for singles over 60 in your area. Put yourself out there and you’re sure to find some potential dating partners that already share the similar interest of travel with you. What better way is there to spend a holiday?!

4. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone

The more you throw yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll go to places you’ve never been and meet different people that you never would have talked to before. Maybe you feel like you’ve seen everything already at 60+ years old and you’re getting bored. That means it’s time to really get as far out of your comfort zone as possible and travel somewhere you’ve never been anywhere remotely like before.

5. Take a bus tour for singles over 60

A bus tour can be a great way to thoroughly get to know new people because you spend so much time with them while travelling! We suggest you find a local bus tour designed for singles aged 60+ so you can spend your holiday relaxing and getting to know people with a similar love for travel.

Evidently, there are a lot of options you have for planning a holiday as a single person aged over 60, and you definitely don’t have to spend it bored. Keep exploring your love for travel and undertake journeys that will make you proud in years to come. Finding a partner will be the icing on top that comes with exploring your passions.

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