Does Tinder Work For Seniors?

tinderTinder is the most popular dating app in the world. But the majority of users are from the younger crowd. This leads many people to wonder whether or not Tinder will work for seniors. More seniors are out there in the dating world than people think and finding the right platform for dating can be a bit of a challenge.
In general, the Tinder app is meant to be a place for anyone to turn to find a relationship that suits them. You will be able to find users of any age on Tinder, especially if you make sure to set the age range to find people around the same age as you.
Tinder is less about the bios on the app than other dating websites. The main focus is getting a good set of photos for your profile. Picking the right photo can be a difficult. So make sure to have some friends help or use one of the many websites designed to help you find the right photo for your dating profile.
Seniors will be able to use Tinder but they might encounter issues when it comes down to finding enough users in their area. The largest user base is users between the age of 18 and 24, and they make up about 38% of users. In comparison, only 1% of users are 55 or above.
Don’t let those numbers intimidate you though. There is no harm in trying Tinder. It is a fun app to try.
However, if you are interested in higher chances of success there is a Tinder alternative designed specifically for seniors. Its name is Lumen. Lumen was created by Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, Bumble, and several other big names in the dating world.
Lumen aims to bring easy dating to those who are over 50. In just six months, Lumen was able to get over 350,000 users. Seniors were looking for an app that was designed specifically for them and now they have it. A community that serves only seniors yet is as easy to use as Tinder, is part of the reason that so many seniors opt not to try Tinder.
According to the founders of Lumen, what makes Lumen standout when compared to other senior dating websites, is the verification process. Users need to be verified by the artificial intelligence or a human from Lumen’s staff. Profiles also have a minimum of 3 photos on their profile in order to get it approved.
A thorough verification process helps to keep scammers and fake users off the app. Like most dating apps though, you will still find fake users on the app.
Lumen isn’t your only option either. Almost all of the traditional dating platforms such as eHarmony have senior dating portions for only seniors. Other companies have seen the need in the market and created senior specific dating sites. Here is a list of a few sites that you might be interested in:

These five sites are just some of the most popular out there and most well-reviewed by other seniors. You can find a number of other options that might fit your specific needs and/or interests.
To sum it all up, you seniors can use Tinder and there are plenty of people who will find success on there. However, there are less seniors to be found on apps or websites that focus towards the younger crowds. We recommend that you be open to trying some of the other apps that are specifically designed for seniors to use. You will often have better luck finding your next match.

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